Selected Writing

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to write about a lot of interesting people and things, often in interesting places. Below are more than a few of my favorite articles and essays. They’re listed in vaguely chronological order, with some allowances made for me not remembering precisely when they were published.

The Whimbrel / The Last Word On Nothing
Tears of the Clown / Earth Island Journal
The Mystery of the Missing Seabirds / The Atlantic
Counting Backwards / The Last Word on Nothing
Six Ways of Seeing A Rhinoceros Auklet / Earth Island Journal
The Unsolved Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet / Hakai
The Moral of the Mountain / High Country News
The Monolith / Moss
The Plover’s Flight / Cosmos
Whale Watch / Orion (via Longreads)
The Corps, The Cormorants, and the Cull / Audubon
The Social Network / Cosmos (paywalled, sadly)
Empress Penguin / Audubon
Fear the Falcon / High Country News
Whale Riders / Earth Island Journal
The Piccolo and the Pocket Grouse / Orion
The Rise and Fall of the East Sand Empire / Earth Island Journal
Call of the Leviathan / Smithsonian
The Seafarer / High Country News
The Last Stand / Earth Island Journal
I, Turbo
/ Orion
Living on the Edge / Smithsonian
The Windhover / High Country News
The Wreck / High Country News
Savage Disobedience / Orion
After the Floods / High Country News
All Along the Watchtower / High Country News
The Call of the Kiwi / Earth Island Journal

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