Selected Writing

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to write about a lot of interesting people and things, often in interesting places. Below are more than a few of my favorite articles and essays. They’re listed in vaguely chronological order, with some allowances made for me not remembering precisely when they were published.

The Mystery of the Missing Seabirds / The Atlantic
Counting Backwards / The Last Word on Nothing
Six Ways of Seeing A Rhinoceros Auklet / Earth Island Journal
The Unsolved Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet / Hakai
The Moral of the Mountain / High Country News
The Monolith / Moss
The Plover’s Flight / Cosmos (paywalled, sadly)
Whale Watch / Orion (via Longreads)
The Corps, The Cormorants, and the Cull / Audubon
The Social Network / Cosmos (also paywalled, sadly)
Empress Penguin / Audubon
Fear the Falcon / High Country News
Whale Riders / Earth Island Journal
The Piccolo and the Pocket Grouse / Orion
The Rise and Fall of the East Sand Empire / Earth Island Journal
Call of the Leviathan / Smithsonian
The Seafarer / High Country News
The Last Stand / Earth Island Journal
I, Turbo
/ Orion
Living on the Edge / Smithsonian
The Windhover / High Country News
The Wreck / High Country News
Savage Disobedience / Orion
After the Floods / High Country News
All Along the Watchtower / High Country News
The Call of the Kiwi / Earth Island Journal